Feng Shui Tips for Maximizing Your Child’s Scholastic Efforts

Examinations are around the corner and quite a few of my clients including myself have their children clearing the next most important milestone in their education journey: the GCE “O” levels.

Many have asked for tips from a feng shui perspective on how to maximize their children’s scholastic efforts.  Provided below are a few tips to enhance your children’s literary efforts.

Feng Shui Tips Education

1. Tapping Your Child’s Personalized Study Directions
One of the easiest way to utilize feng shui to help your child concentrate and get better returns for his/her study efforts is to tap to their personal growth and achievement direction.  This direction is called Fu Wei (Growth). This can be easily done at home or wherever it is easy to choose his/ her studying directions.

Click on this link: http://bazicalculator.janetyung.com/bazi-calculator-membership-free/ to get their free personal growth/ Fu Wei direction.

Next, get a compass and ensure that he or she can always sit facing that direction, or sleep with head pointed to that direction (ensure that there is a solid wall behind the bed head, though it should not be sharing with a toilet or the stove). Successfully tapping the Fu Wei (growth) direction will ensure that your child feels energized and highly motivated, enabling them to maximize their attention and study efforts.  If they are unable to tap on their study or growth direction, they can also tap to their success or Sheng Chi direction as well.


2. Utilizing the Education sector for 2016

The West and Southeast sectors are the best sectors for locating your child’s study table in 2016 with the presence of the #4 scholastic and #1 victory/ literacy stars respectively.  This is especially the case for the months of Sep and Nov in the West and if you need your child to be more aggressive in their studies for the remaining days of Sep, utilize the Southeast sector and in Oct.  You can identify the sectors of your home by utilizing the compass and standing in the middle of your home or the study location.

You can further activate these sectors with more activity such as fan, air purifier or educational symbols such as the blue lapis or crystal globe (which they can turn while they are relaxing in between study sessions).


3. Understanding their Bazi Profile

Bazi Profile - Destiny



Each child has a different approach when learning or studying.  It is important for us, as parents, to understand that.  If your child belong to the Analysis or Thinking approach profiles – Analyzer or Philosopher, it is important that they have a goal and are self-motivated in order for them to do well.  They will usually learn and study better based on their own efforts.

For the People oriented profiles, such as the Leader* and Friend*, they will usually do well learning with their friends or in motivated study groups.


For the Action oriented profiles, the Director* and Pioneer*, they will usually do well if they set their goals and timelines with guidance on the process of learning.

For the Process oriented profiles, the Diplomat* and Warrior*, they will usually do well if they have identified the process and timelines on how they intend to achieve their study objectives, whilst following as closely to these set guidelines, they should plan for contingencies as well.

For the Idea oriented profiles, the Artist* and Performer*, they tend to want to do a zillion things at the same time.  It is important for us, as parents, to help them stay focus by prioritizing with them or guiding them to follow through on one subject or project at a time.

To know your child’s profile, visit baziprofiling.com/8Treasures and register for free.

Hope these helps and all the best for your children’s examinations!



* Terms from Joey Yap’s Bazi Profiling System.