Feng Shui l Boost Your Career Luck Through Harnessing Good Energies

In the past decade, as a Feng Shui and Bazi consultant, an area where questions were commonly raised has been the one related to career and advancement. As most of us spend many waking hours at work, it is only natural that we are after a successful and fulfilling career.

The importance of tapping good energies at work

Feng Shui is the time tested knowledge and art of harnessing energy or “Chi (in mandarin 气) in our environment to create balance and harmony.  We can definitely utilize this knowledge to benefit our career luck by tapping on the positive energies in our work and personal environments.

By tapping on these beneficial energies, you will be in a positive mind frame; be able to focus and perform optimally; enjoy better communications with your colleagues; cope better with challenges and be more motivated to achieve success at work.

Here are some tips that can help to boost your career and business luck:

  1. Face your auspicious or success direction at work to boost your career luckcompass-SUCCESS

First of all, identify your good directions by determining your Kua Number from our Free Bazi Calculator.  Once you have identified your Kua Number and noted down your Good and Bad directions, use a compass to ensure that you set your computer or lap top facing one of your good directions.



2. Activate the relevant sectors for a smoother and more successful career utilizing Feng Shui

Utilizing the compass, establish the eight directions/ sectors and divide your desk into 9 grids and establish the eight directions (Aspirations) as we’ve done for the desk below:


These Feng Shui sectors represent the Eight Aspirations:

  • Career (North),
  • Education (Northeast),
  • Health (East),
  • Wealth (Southeast),
  • Recognition (South),
  • Relationship (Southwest),
  • Descendant (West), and
  • Mentor Luck (Northwest).

Here is an example of how you can mark out the sectors, identify the eight sectors and activate your work desk to boost your Career Feng Shui luck:

  • Determine the best direction to be face:

If you are born in 1986, according to your birth year, your Kua number is 1 (you can identify your Kua number Free by registering at our Bazi Calculator). Based on Kua number 1, your best direction is the Southeast. If you spend most of your time at work facing your laptop or computer, it would be best for you to set your computer or laptop such that you are facing the Southeast when working.

You can choose to face one of your other Good Directions based on your Kua number (e.g. Kua Number 1 can still face East, South and North (except 2016)), if you are unable to face Southeast. Try to avoid your Bad Directions (in this case West, North East, North West, and especially South West- your worst or total loss direction).

However for 2016, avoid facing the last 15 degrees of Southwest between 232.5 to 247.5 degree, even if Southwest is your best direction.  This is the Tai Sui (Grand Duke Jupiter) direction for the year. Sitting facing this direction will bring about obstacles.  Also, do not sit with your back towards the South (facing North) between the degrees of 135 – 225, as this is the San Sha (Three Killings direction) for the year.  Otherwise, it will bring about differences with others and you will be embroiled in office politics.

  • Sit with a wall supporting your back and energize the North Sector for Career stability

Always ensure that there’s a wall behind your seat to support your career.  Do not sit with your back towards a door that leads to an exit (especially if this is the main entrance or exit of the office), as this will leave you vulnerable to backstabbing and a lack of job security.  A closed shelf or cabinet would also work well as support, if you do not have a wall or partition behind you.   Also, it is good to have the back of your chair higher or at the same level as your back.

If possible, avoid sitting with a column or sharp corner pointing at you. In Feng Shui terms, this is a “poison arrow” and can bring out work issues such as mental block, differences with others or back stabbing. It would be good if you have something (eg. Broad leaved plants) in between to block the sharp corner to slow down the afflicted energies.

Under the 8Apsirations formula, the North represents Career stability and development aspirations. For those who believe an additional item can help remind you of your goals and objectives, you can activate your career luck by placing a dragon tortoise in the North sector of your office or desk.  It keeps your career on a sure and steady path. Ensure your dragon tortoise is placed high and faces out to attract positive energy.  If you are unable to display the dragon tortoise openly, you can place a bronze or black obsidian tortoise as well.

Placing a golden lotus root here is also great for activating Career Luck and continuity in getting promoted year after year!

  • Energize the Northeast Sector (Education)

The Northeast is the Education sector and you can activate it by placing a Lapiz Lazuli globe here as a way of enriching yourself. It’s particularly good for those whose jobs revolve around intellectual property such as writing, publishing, teaching, secretarial, admin work as well as media communications. Since a globe represents the world, placing a globe could also help you earn more recognition or help your business grow globally.

  • Energize the Southeast Sector (Wealth)

Since Southeast is the wealth sector, aim for a pay raise by placing a flourishing plant here. As the sector element is wood, it’ll be even better if the plant is grown in water to keep the wealth flourishing. This is especially when the 1 Career and Victory energies under the flying star formula is in the Southeast in 2016. However, avoid placing cactuses and bonsais here. The cactus has sharp ends like a dagger, sending out fast and bad energy, preventing good luck while a bonsai represents stunted growth.

If you’re in sales, the Southeast is also a good spot for your invoice files and the tracking of your sales data. Ideally, such documents should be kept in black, blue or green files for greater activation of the sector. Those working in marketing can also put their products here to enhance their performances. Similarly, if you are one who believe that an added item will boost your focus for success, you can place wealth cats here to remind yourself and take positive action to attract good fortune and boost your Wealth Luck!

  • Energize the South Sector (Recognition)

Place certificates, awards and recognition letters from your company or customers in your South as this will attract further fame and recognition for your efforts at work. The bejeweled phoenix is an excellent representation of Fame and Recognition and can be placed in this sector to aid you in your promotion and recognition quests.

Since the South belongs to the Fire element, red, pink, brown and green are key activating colours. Placing a lamp here to illuminate your awards and certificates would help too.

  • Energize the Southwest Sector (Relationship)

The Southwest represents relationship under the 8 Aspirations formula. For a harmonious working environment, put up photos with your colleagues here. Those involved with customer service or relationship building can also do the same with their clients. Keeping your contacts and name cards handy in the Southwest corner is also a good way to smoothen relationships with your business contacts. This is especially the case since the Wealth 8 energies under the Flying Star formula is here in 2016. To activate for a smoother and harmonize relationship with your colleagues, the everlasting Mystic Knots can be placed here.

  • Energize the Northwest Sector (Mentor Luck)

The Ruyi is a sceptre which was carried by Chinese officials and symbolizes leadership and authority in Chinese history. Those in supervisory or leadership position can place this in their Northwest sector to boost their leadership qualities and solidify their position.  You can also activate this sector with tortoises to attract powerful friends and mentors into your life.


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