Bazi Profile | Janet Yung| It Is All Up To You!

Bazi Profile | Janet Yung| It Is All Up To You!

“Whether You Think You Can or You Think You Can’t You Are Right!” 

-Henry Ford

  •  It is great to know my Bazi Profile, but how do I apply it in the real world?
  • I am not in a job that fits my Bazi Profile and I can’t change my job. What should I do?

Janet Yung | These are some of the questions that I hear from readers who read my first book –“Being Happy & Successful At Work and in Your Career!”   In the book, I stressed that the KEY to SUCCESS IN LIFE lies in knowing WHO you are, and WHAT you need to do to get the RESULTS that you want.  Knowing WHO you are involves understanding yourself, and what drives or motivates you to become passionate in what you do.  You will then know WHAT you need to do by setting the RIGHT goals to achieve the RESULTS that you want and be a HAPPY & SUCCESSFUL YOU.

Before we can discuss what can be done to address the above questions, it is important to remember the following KEY IDEAS:

  • What we think, believe or know is of little consequence if we do not TAKE POSITIVE ACTION to DO.
  • We can only tap on the “right” opportunities when we have developed the right attitude and skill sets or competencies.
  • The road to Happiness, Wealth and Success may be filled with challenges, but if you know WHO you are, know WHAT you need to do and take POSITIVE action, you will achieve your desired RESULTS.

By understanding ourselves and knowing what drives or motivate us, we are usually more passionate and thus happier with the decisions and choices that we make.  When we are happier and less stressed, we make better decisions, resulting in better outcomes that increase our self-confidence.  When our confidence increases, we experience more successes and our ability to overcome setbacks and learn from failures or challenges will be further enhanced.  However, the critical thing is taking the important first step and action.  That is, besides believing and having positive thinking, the crucial step is TAKING ACTION.  Without an action taken, believing and positive thinking is just wishful thinking.

The following is an excerpt of an extremely enjoyable class I had over the weekend on unleashing one’s intrinsic talent and maximizing one’s potential:

The next questions that I get quite often from my clients are:

  • How do I utilize profiling in dealing with others? 
  • How can I understand my boss and customers better?

Thus, besides understanding and maximizing the strengths of our profile, it is good to identify and understand the profiles of our superior, colleagues, the people we interact and work with and most important of all, our family members.  By doing this, we can achieve maximum positive results in our daily interactions with people.   In today’s world where we have to live, interact and work with many others, it is paramount that our communication and people management skills are up to par for greater productivity and effectiveness.  By building effective relationships and communications with others, we can positively influence and work with them to achieve success, happiness, and our common goals.

Through years of research, studying, applying, and advising numerous clients on the metaphysical science of Bazi, shown below is my suggested route to Being Happy and Successful in life using the Asian personality profiling system as a tool to understand and manage ourselves as well as appreciate others better. Though this may be a long and arduous process, it is important to enjoy and learn during this journey to attain happiness and success in life.

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This article is an excerpt from Being Happy and Successful – Managing Yourself and Others.


Thank you for taking time to read my post as I embark on the quest to simplify and explain the principles of this 2000-year-old metaphysical study on human behaviour. In the coming weeks, I will be sharing more articles on how we can utilize this amazing system to understand others, enjoy better communication and build effective relationships with others on your life’s route to Being Happy and Successful (

By Janet Yung