Bazi – What does the academic star in Bazi studies mean?

Bazi Symbolic Star

What does the academic star in Bazi studies mean? Does your child have the academic star?

With half the year gone and exams coming in another few weeks, most parents will start worrying about how their child would fare in the upcoming examinations.

In Bazi studies, besides looking at whether your child has the Resource star (the analyzer and philosopher – analysis oriented profiles), we can identify if your child has the academic star (文昌).  This star will aid them in their literary pursuits.


Academic Star

A person with the Academic Star is intelligent, and will enjoy tremendous academic success.


To identify if someone has the academic star, we can utilize the Bazi Calculator with Symbolic Stars at

The following are the steps to identify if someone has the academic star:

  1. Identify from Table A the animal horoscope branch that has the academic star.
  2. Next, check if the person’s bazi chart has the corresponding animal branch.
  3. Else, check if the same animal branch appears in the Luck Pillars of the person’s Bazi Chart.

In the Bazi Chart example below, the child’s academic star is found in Table A – under the Snake branch.

In this example, the child is born in the the hour of Snake (bet 9 to 10.59am). With reference to Table A, this child is born with the academic star.  He/She is thus blessed with the ability to absorb information quickly and perform well in their literary pursuits.

If the child is not born in the hour of Snake and does not have the academic star, we can then take a look at whether the academic star appears in his/ her luck pillar.

In this example, the Snake branch (with the academic star) appears in the luck pillar (age 42 to 51).  Therefore, he/she may be undertaking courses, furthering their scholastic pursuits or utilizing lots of their intelligence to resolve situations during this period.

To generate your FREE bazi chart with symbolic stars, click on the following link:

What happens if they don’t have this star?  Besides the usual guidance and motivation that we can provide them, we can:

  1. Tap on Feng Shui energies to aid them as well.  Read this article to find out more.
  2. Else, find out their “Growth” or study direction to help your child maximize their potential. Click on the following link to generate their FREE personalized growth direction:

Bazi Calculator Free Report Sample