Bazi Profile | Understand & Maximize Your Team’s & Your Inborn Potential

Bazi Profile | Understand & Maximize Your Team’s & Your Inborn Potential

Teams are made up of individuals.  It is critical to understand the individual team member’s intrinsic talent and maximize the team’s potential by having the right people performing the right roles within the organization or team environment.

It is even more important for the team members to understand each other’s work and communication approach in the journey towards building a high performance team.

It was an honour and pleasure to have conducted another interesting Trilogy People Performance training session on “Building High Performance Teams” through the utilization of the Asian Personality Profiling System for a team who delivered their annual revenue commitment within the first nine months of the year.

Some very encouraging feedback from the session:

“Excellent program to improve teams’ effectiveness & efficiency. Most importantly, improves relationship & motivation.”

Mr S. Siva

“Eye opening session – I was able to find out first hand the thinking processes different individuals go through.”

Mr Viknesh

“Again, same as workshop 1, activities today were very effective. Getting to know more about each other helps us get along better.”

Ms Ignacio

“The team building highlighted each individual’s strength.”

Ms Basco

“The workshop is really helpful for me to work more effectively with my colleagues.”

Ms Yin Lei


The above article is written with reference to the time-tested Bazi – Asian personality profiling system. You can get the following personalized reports online:

  1. Your Brief Career Profile Report –
  2. Your Career Suitability Report –
  3. Your Personalized Good Directions for Success –


By Janet Yung

Trilogy People Performance Consultancy

Topics in the workshop is based on the Being Happy and Successful series:




Book 1 – Being Happy and Successful at Work and in Your Career

Book 2 – Being Happy and Successful – Managing Yourself and Others at Work

E-Book 3 – Being Happy and Successful – The Entrepreneur in You

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