Bazi Profile | How Does Your Bazi Personality Affect Your Motivations?

Bazi Profile | How Does Your Bazi Personality Affect Your Motivations?

“It’s not easy to understand people cos humans are most complex…easier to handle machines…”

HOW DOES YOUR PERSONALITY AFFECT YOUR MOTIVATIONSThis is a comment on our company’s (Trilogy™ People Performance Consultancy) LinkedIn page over the weekend in response to my previous article “Different Strokes for Different Folks ( ”.

I totally agree as most times, we will try to understand the machine’s mechanics and processes by reading its operation manual before handling one or being trained to handle one. However, humans being so complex are hard for most of us to figure out since we do not even understand ourselves at times. In this instance, my reply was

“Yes, totally agree….however understanding and communicating effectively with others will make our life much easier and happier.”

Thus, it would be great if we can utilize tools (Bazi Profile) to help understand our make-up or the “operation manual” of ourselves and others.

Research tells us that behaviour impacts relationships and if organizations have to succeed, it is important that people enjoy working with one another. In the previous two articles, I covered how our Bazi Profile personality based on the 2000-year-old metaphysical study of Bazi impacts our leadership and interaction style with others. In this article, I will cover an example of a situation and motivation of each profile based on the Asian Personality Profiling System[1] and the scenario when each gets dissatisfied or discouraged. (These are snippets from my upcoming book Being Happy and Successful: Managing Yourself and Others.) These scenarios are by no means exhaustive but serve as a guide for you. As you gain more understanding of the different Bazi Profiles, I am sure you will develop the relevant strategies to communicate more effectively with them based on your own experience, the different profiles’ backgrounds and attitudes.

Through years of research, studying, applying, and advising numerous clients on the metaphysical science of Bazi, shown below is my suggested route to Being Happy and Successful in life using the Asian personality profiling system as a tool to understand and manage ourselves as well as appreciate others better. Though this may be a long and arduous process, it is important to enjoy and learn during this journey to attain happiness and success in life.

Would you like to find out your unique personality style? If yes, please click on the links below where you can get the following personalized reports online:

  1. Your Brief Career Profile Report –
  2. Your Career Suitability Report –
  3. Your Personalized Good Directions for Success –


Thank you for taking time to read my post as I embark on the quest to simplify and explain the principles of this 2000-year-old metaphysical study on human behaviour. In the coming weeks, I will be sharing more articles on how we can utilize this amazing system to understand others, enjoy better communication and build effective relationships with others on your life’s route to Being Happy and Successful (

By Janet Yung



[1]Terms utilized from Joey Yap’s Bazi Profiling System