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Bazi Profile | Different Strokes For Different Folks

Why can’t we connect?

Why are there so much disagreements during our discussion?

How will this project ever move forward with so many different opinions?

In today’s complex and matrix type organizations, our performance at work is often interlaced with that of our ability to interact with our peers and colleagues.  This is a very important aspect to getting things done; many times you need to interact with people from various departments and across functions.  However, this aspect of communication within organizations is a common vulnerability contributing to the frequent breakdown of dialogue.

This can be attributed to the fact that each of us have our own way of thinking, processing information, problem solving, communicating and handling others.  Conflict can arise when opinions differ on how these should be done. By understanding the perspective of your colleague or other team members (thru their Bazi Profile) and learning to provide information or communicate in a way that they can understand and appreciate, team productivity will infinitely increase whilst creating a more harmonious work environment.

Similar to one of my previous article, the leadership style of different Bazi Profiles1 will impact the way each leader communicate and get things done.  Each of us, due to our different profiles and approach to work, will interpret information, communicate and carry out tasks differently.

 “If a mission is a company’s destination, “behaviours” are its transportation, the means of getting there.”        

-Jack and Suzy Welch, The Real Life MBA

These behaviours define how people behave at work and it is critical that these behaviours are aligned with the company’s mission to bring meaning and life to it. As the saying goes, “A team of five, who lead a well-directed effort, can accomplish more than twenty who lack focus.” Here, I will be exploring behaviours from the perspective of the different team members, their approach and communication style.  Though the core behaviour of each Bazi Profile1 does not change much from that of being a leader (written in a previous article by Janet Yung-What is Your Leadership Style And How Does It Impact the Way You Communicate?), the task role is different as a team member; there will be minor nuances that you should take note of to get through to your peers or colleagues.

For each Bazi Profile, I will cover one example of their expectations when they are interacting as your colleague or peer (whether individually or in a team environment) based on the 2000-year-old metaphysical study of Bazi and one of the recommended strategies of working effectively with them.  (These are snippets from the book Being Happy and Successful: Managing Yourself and Others – Janet Yung.) These strategies are by no means exhaustive but serve as a guide for you.  As you gain more understanding of the different profiles, I am sure you will develop the relevant strategies to communicate with them based on your own experience, the different profiles’ backgrounds and attitudes.

Through years of research, studying, applying, and advising numerous clients on the metaphysical science of Bazi, shown below is my suggested route to Being Happy and Successful in life using the Asian personality profiling system as a tool to understand and manage ourselves as well as appreciate others better. Though this may be a long and arduous process, it is important to enjoy and learn during this journey to attain happiness and success in life.

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Thank you for taking time to read my post as I embark on the quest to simplify and explain the principles of this 2000-year-old metaphysical study on human behaviour. In the coming weeks, I will be sharing more articles on how we can utilize this amazing system to understand others, enjoy better communication and build effective relationships with others on your life’s route to Being Happy and Successful (

By Janet Yung

Feng Shui & Bazi Consultant. Author. Harmony Advisor



  • [1]Terms utilized from Joey Yap’s Bazi Profiling System