Bazi | Do You Have The Nobleman Star in your chart?

Bazi Symbolic Star

Do you have the nobleman star? Do you get a helping hand in times of need?  Read on to find out more…

Whatever we do, we sure would not object to a pair of helping hands especially in times of need.  In Bazi studies, we can look at whether you have nobleman stars to see if there will be someone coming to your aid whether in your career or business.


Nobleman Star

A person with the Nobleman Star is intelligent, and will get a lot of assistance from people around him.


Similar to the academic star, to identify if someone has the nobleman star, we can utilize the Bazi Calculator with Symbolic Stars at

The following are the steps to identify if someone has the nobleman star:

  1. Identify from the reference table, the animal horoscope branches that has the nobleman star.
  2. Next, check if the person’s bazi chart has the corresponding animal branches.
  3. Else, check if the same animal branch appears in the Luck Pillars of the person’s Bazi Chart.

In the Bazi Chart example below, the person’s Nobleman star is found in Table A – under the Pig and Rooster branches.

In this example, the person is born in the the month of Pig (November) and the hour of Rooster (bet 5 to 6.59pm). With reference to the table, she is born with two nobleman stars.  She is thus blessed with the assistance of others, especially in her career or from her parents (month branch Pig) and in whatever she undertakes, children and subordinates (hour branch Rooster).

What happens if you don’t have the nobleman star in your chart?

We can then take a look at whether the academic star appears in your luck pillar.

In this example, the Rooster branch (with the nobleman star) appears in the luck pillar (age 16 to 25).  Therefore, she would have had more help from mentors or friends during this period.

In addition to luck pillar, we can look at the annual animal branches to see if she will receive assistance.  Since 2017 is the year of the Rooster, this person will receive aid from others this year and in the year of the Pig (2019) as well.  So what actions can she take if she knows that she has nobleman luck this year?

With the nobleman star in her chart, it would mean that she can undertake more projects or assignments this year as she will be able to tap on others’ assistance to accomplish her goals.  She can continue to plan new projects and prepare for launch in 2019 as it is another year where she will be given more assistance.


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