Bazi | Are you Destined to be Rich?

Bazi | Are you Destined to be Rich?

Some will say that there is no such thing as destiny, we as human beings should define our own destiny. I agree to some extent. In traditional Bazi destiny studies, most practitioners prescribe that if a Bazi chart shows the wealth element to be in balance and in favour of a person’s chart, the person is destined to be rich. In modern applications of Bazi, this statement may not be true if a person does not prepare himself appropriately to harness the opportunities that may be present. Being rich is defined by the amount of material wealth we have. In today’s world having enough material wealth is important, but is material wealth the only thing that defines us today? I definitely do not think so.

In the modern day applications of this 2,000-year-old system, one aspect of this multi-faceted approach towards understanding ourselves is the study of our personality or Bazi Profile. Our Bazi Profile basically tells us WHO we are, our potential and the type of life experiences we will have based on our character. Through our Bazi Profile, we can identify our characteristics, our behavioural tendencies, our preferences for work and family environment, our interaction styles at work, with friends and family, etc. Thus, yes we are in control of our destiny if we decide to take the necessary actions towards happiness, success and be financially better off. It is important that we understand and be aware of our make-up, motivations, passion and take steps to make changes if we are not behaving correspondingly. Change begins with AWARENESS. Thus by understanding ourselves better (similar to the western profiling systems), we will be able to develop our natural talents and strengths to become competencies, giving us the ammunition towards success in life.


As mentioned above, the basis which the western profiling concepts are built on were explored more than 2,000 years ago within the Chinese metaphysical system. The development of this type of ancient Chinese metaphysical study started around 1046BC. Since then, studies, research and reviews have been consistently recorded and updated over the last 2 millennium. However, similar to other traditional practices such as martial arts, this method was shrouded in mystery and protectionism due to different schools of thought, ego and lineage. Therefore, though the methodology was well documented, it was not clearly explained to the general public, causing confusion and suspicions especially when quacks made use of the system for fraudulence. It is only from the late 1990s that more books, courses and seminars were publicly given to educate the general public.

You may ask – is Bazi metaphysical study a science?  Has it been proven? Similar to large scale human behavioural studies, it is difficult to conduct an experiment and place actual human beings in a laboratory.  In social science and other human behaviour related studies, it is common that surveys are done through qualitative (through observation of behaviour) or quantitative methods. This is similar to how the Chinese metaphysical studies have been documented. For instance, it has been documented that a person born on a day that belongs to a Yang Wood element (imaginary of a tree) will have the characteristics that are more direct, kind and protective. On the other hand, a person who is born on a day that belongs to a Yin Wood element (imaginary of a flower) will have the potential ability to be a better networker. He or she is more adaptable and prefers to be in a job role where efforts will be appreciated. It is interesting, but every single time I tested out these concepts, my clients agree with the documented behaviours.

Back to the question on whether one is destined to be rich, it is a question that people often ask when they see a fortune teller or Bazi practitioner. However, it is more a person’s daily thoughts, intentions, characteristics and actions that determines the wealth potential in Bazi studies. The wealth element documented in Bazi studies is the element or the profile characteristics of a Director or Pioneer1 that propels one to take action and calculated risks financiallyThus, if one has the profile or when one goes through the “luck cycle” of a Director or Pioneer profile, one will usually be more focused on learning the skills to become financially savvy or willing to bear more financial risks for rewards, respectively and will take actions to realize their financial objectives.

Over the last decade as a Feng Shui and Bazi consultant, practicing and counseling people on how to improve their lives using Feng Shui and Bazi principles, the most common queries besides those on family, health and relationship, are those related to my clients’ work, career, relationship with their working colleagues and bosses, business and of course how they can be financially better off.

Many books and authors have brought up the fact that all of us have strengths, talents and abilities; it is whether we are putting these strengths, talents and abilities to good use that determines whether we are successful at our work. Naturally, when we are successful at what we do (from a work, career and business perspective), the financial rewards will be there.  Since we are doing things that we like or are passionate about, we will be more motivated and thus happier.

Why then do we not put our strengths to good use?  Could it be that we do not know our strengths or abilities?  Or, could it be we fail to look at ourselves, understand ourselves, thus we do not know what strengths, talents or abilities we have?

To achieve happiness and success, I will use whatever techniques, models or methods (whether Western or Asian) to understand myself better, since all of us as human beings are such complex creatures. Similar to the quotes below, the more angles that I can understand myself from, the more insights I will have in knowing my talents, what I can do to build these into my competencies and manage any weaknesses that I may have along the way.

“If the only tool you have is a hammer, you tend to see every problem as a nail.” 

                                                                                        –Abraham Maslow

“Change and growth take place when a person has risked himself and dares to become involved with experimenting with his own life.”                  

-Herbert Otto

Thank you for taking time to read my post as I embark on the quest to simplify and explain the principles of this 2000-year-old metaphysical study on human behaviour.

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