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Hello! I’m Janet.

I am a Feng Shui and Bazi Consultant,

Author and Harmony Adviser.

Join me on a Harmonious journey

to Happiness and Success.

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  • Hello!

  • I ‘m Janet.

  • I am a Feng Shui and Bazi Consultant, Author, and Harmony Adviser.

  • Join me on a Harmonious journey to Happiness and Success.

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“I got in touch with Janet Yung through one of my close friends. Janet exhibits strong knowledge of the Feng Shui System and is a real professional. Being a wife, mother and a successful business woman, she is able to cover complete ground in her advisory capacity. She listens well, is able to connect with her customers, understand their issues and provides useful holistic advice.

Having studied the Feng Shui System and counselled thousands of customers, Janet is very quickly able to understand the Macro and Micro aspects affecting one’s life, situation or business and able to provide advice or remedy specific to one’s unique circumstances. Many a times, she uses her own personal experiences to cement her advice which helps a great deal in comprehending the issue at hand.

I feel extremely happy and privileged to have come into  contact with Janet. I am very satisfied with her advice and will continue to use her Fengshui services. I wish her good luck in all her endeavors.”

N  Iyer, East Coast

“A very big thank you to our very friendly, open and most important professional consultant whom we engaged for more than 10years, Janet. Her professionalism and well verse knowledge on Feng Shui helps to change Feng Shui in our house. It’s also changed our lives, brings harmony and happiness throughout our abode.”…  

S Chew, Sengkang


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